Submitted on Sun, 09/13/2015 - 14:21

Shamila15 years was taken back home by her old grandma after she had a baby girl on the 13th ,she was raped by 5 boys as she went down the well and she will never know the father of the child. As she received on going counseling and praying for her she gained a forgiving spirit and healing took place.

Zaria 16 had a baby boy Daniel on the 7th Mary 16 had a baby girl Sharon on the 17th. She is an orphan from one of the church based homes. She was raped by a fellow orphan in this home .when she came ,Mary was an angry ,obnoxious filled with bitterness girl. She always picked fights with her fellow pregnant girls. It is awesome to see and know a transformed Mary whose life has turned around completely .I hope she will grow spiritually for she accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour. She has grown up in this orphanage where her” mum” has constantly called her names and now she dreads to go back.

Twice they have come for her but she has refused to go with these caretakers. Please pray for her.