Submitted on Mon, 05/16/2016 - 15:04

We saw victory as a case concerning one of our girls at Wakisa (Aisha) who was defiled by her uncle and father at 14 years. The story has been highlighted in the Sunday Monitor of 8th May 2016 by Betty Ndagire.

Lost Innocence : After being defiled by her uncle, the 14-year-old girl thought she would get solace from her father but instead her situation became worse as he too regularly defile her until she conceived. She finally got justice when whe was taken to an NGO for help.

2 years later, with the High court hearing the case... it was concluded with a 25 year sentence for aggravated defilement. It has been a long journey but the will of the lord had it's way and someone who could inflict the same misfortune upon other children has been put away. 





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